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Manga in the Attic and Random

When we got our house the attic was nothing but insulation falling out of the rafters. It's almost finished now. We have shelving all along the walls with over 600 volumes of manga. I think I need to start thinning that down. I'll be keeping only my favorites. The computers will be up there as well as the gaming systems and living area.

Today we're going shopping. Our tax return came and we need computer monitors, wireless router, TV's, and Shawn's getting an e-reader from Best Buy. Velocity Micro-Cruz Digital Reader. I guess it's hard to find one; they are sold out everywhere. He bought it online and it's waiting for him to pick it up.

I went on craigs list and found someone wanting to trade manga for misc items. We may try to meet up today and work out a deal. I want to complete my Battle Royale set.

I plan to get my sale post updated soon. I have tons of stuff I need to get off my hands.

My little girl is 2 now and Thomas is 11. Time's slipping away. Today Thomas was teaching her how to do a summersault. Everytime he would flip her over they would clap and cheer.