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TolekaK's Sale Items

******New Items Coming Soon! Please ask about anything on here since my inventory has changed.******

I have a few things for sale or trade. (Hello Kitty, Manga, Rement, and Cell Phone Charms) Please click on the images to see larger images. Here's a link to my Feedback and here's a link to my Wanted List. Please feel free to make a reasonable offer on anything you see here.

Hello Kitty Items
Cell Phone Charms

Cell Phone Charms

$2.50 each

Bunny Bell Charm
and Key chain

Pink Pig and Dolphin Glass

Lucky Cat

Dancing Girl

Dancing Girls
assorted colors

Glass Charms
Mouse, Pumpkin
goard, mushroom

Red Glass Pig
with glow in the
dark flecks embedded in the glass

Glass Charms
Black Chili Pepper
Glow in the dark black bead
Green Pig "Glows in the dark"

Braided Charm with
Glass Beads

Beaded Frog and Mermaid

Beaded Donald Duck
Cat and Koala

Pink and Red Berry

Flashes when your phone rings
Doesn't work with all phones
It worked with my Nokia but not my Razer

Hello Kitty



Hello Kitty Items

Hello Kitty Party Tray $8.00 each The two on the Right are sold

All pictures are my personal sets. The items I sell are the duplicate ones and have never been removed from the plastic unless otherwise noted.

Final Fantasy IV Sold
See next picture for Figure

Final Fantasy IV $7.00 sold

Onimusha Figures $8.00 each Panda chase has been sold

Love Hina Christmas Figure Ver. 2
$5.00 Box is a bit battered

Love Hina

Cowboy Bebop Spike $3.00 Sold

The Cubes Copy Center $12

The Cubes Copy Center

The Cubes Copy Center

Majokko Megu-Chan $5.00 each

Unknown Anime?

Unknown Anime? (If you know this series please let me know what it is.) $6.00

Dr. Slump $5.00 each Figure on left sold

Dead Leaves Chinko Drill
MOC Kubrick Medicom
Autographed by US Voice Actor
Keith Burgess $15.00 Sold

Onigai Twins $6.00 each Sold

These figures each come with pieces
of the school classroom diorama.

Onigai Twins $6.00 each Red haired girl sold

These figures each come with pieces
of the school classroom diorama.

Onigai Twins $6.00 each Only girl in Yellow shirt

These figures each come
with a part of the matress

Dengeki Bunko Palm Characters Left and Right figures sold
Comes with stackable clear plastic case.
$7.00 each

Kagome Finger Puppet Figure $6.50 Sold

Inu Yasha part 2 series SOLD
complete set at $27.00 or
$5.50 each

Inu Yasha part 2 series SOLD

Hello Kitty Party Tray $8.00 each The two figures on the right are sold

D.C.P.S.D. DaCapo Plus
2 1/2 inch figure $3.50

D.C.P.S.D. DaCapo Plus

Angel Tails $5.00 each

Angel Tails

REMENT Fax Machine Figure $8.00


Half Price New Never Read Unless Otherwise Noted Manga $5 each

Princess AI Vol. 1
(I bought this used but it's in
like new shape)

Visitor Vol. 2

Basara Vol. 4

Model Vol. 3

Jewelry: All are used unless otherwise noted.

Butterfly necklace $5.00

Cameo Avon Ring
Fits on my thumb
size 7 1/2-9 $5.00

Cameo Avon Ring Adjustable Band

Cat Earrings $6.00
This is a pair I got
in the early 90's

Simulated Diamond Ring $5.00

Fits my thumb and I think that's size 9 or 10?

Lily of the Valley earrings
Vintage $6.00

Men's Necklace #1 $2.50

Men's Necklace #2 $2.50

Mood Earrings
These were gotten in the 90's
but barely worn. $3.50

Vintage Smiley Earrings

New Never Worn Whinny The Pooh
Bracelets with Charms $5.00

Avon Star Necklace $5.00

16" Silver necklace marked
with "AVON" tag
inch star attached to chain

Sun Earrings #1 $2.00

Black Necklace with
Simulated Diamonds $5.00

Watch with Leather band
Scratches on the glass
and needs battery $2.50

Vintage Rings
MIWGermany Cross Ring size 7.5 to 8?(make offer)
Silver Ring size 6 to 6.5? $8.00

Glass stone ring size 6.5? $2.00
(quite a bit worn looking)

Candy Hair Tie $2.00
Never worn

Sun Earrings #2 $2.50


Tamagotchi Connection MIB $14.00 or best offer

Square Glass Candle Holder with Black Wood Stand Never Used $6.00

Temporary Glitter Tatoos $1.00 on the far left one (I cut one off and used it) $2.00 ea for the others (never opened)

Hilfiger Athletics Cologne $10.00 Almost New. This was only spritzed a couple times.


( 6 comments — Leave a comment )
Mar. 17th, 2008 04:26 am (UTC)
are you interested in any of the stuff from my journal that you had questions about? also, did the HK figures come in yet? oh and the unknown anime says "jiarama" in japanese if that means anything.
Mar. 17th, 2008 11:23 am (UTC)
The shipping I did for it was sea mail to USA from Singapore: 6-10 weeks. They shipped the package on Feb. 26 so it may be here in April. The tracking on the package says it's on it's way to New York.

I may be interested in the items I recently asked about and I still plan on trading for the figures when the Hello Kitty ones come in. I can let you know by tonight.

Edited at 2008-03-17 11:44 am (UTC)
Mar. 18th, 2008 03:49 am (UTC)
Thanks for the translation ^_^ I tried searching but couldn't come up with anything. I wonder what the kanji says. :P
By the way I left a post on your LJ. I want something entirely different then what I was looking at before :D That movie (The Fuccons)is one my hubby has been wanting to see but we haven't had a chance to pick it up. :) Did you like it?
Apr. 28th, 2008 09:31 pm (UTC)
I got the Hello Kitty figures in :D. Which figures were the ones you wanted to trade with? BTW how are you feeling? I read your post on your site. Breakups can be so hard.
Mar. 17th, 2008 05:14 pm (UTC)
Hi, the fax machine is it the real or fake one? can fax A4 size? Pricing at $4 sgd?


Mar. 17th, 2008 10:06 pm (UTC)
It's a Japanese miniature figure about an inch and a half tall.
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