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Kanzashi Glue

About a week ago I sold a hair pin on Tophatter. I listed it with a starting bid of $1 and $3 shipping. It sold for $1. Unfortunately I had to pay tophatter $1 just to sell it. Today I got my feedback from the buyer and they gave me a neutral. :( This is what they said: "Loved the clip, but it smells terrible from the glue used to fasten it."

Now I need to figure out how to remove the glue smell...
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Week Off!!!!

I have the entire week off from work. I cancelled the baby sitter so Addy is with me today. Also, since my son had a severe migraine he's staying home as well. Just me and the kids.

Now that I finally have some time off I'll need to prioritize. I really want to work on my craft area, and make more flowers. Since I want to make the most of my week I'll need to use that as a treat. So, now I'm working on cleaning out the kitchen. Addy helped me do the dishes! :) Such a good little girl. I can't believe how much expired food I've accumulated. What a waste!! Also, why do I have so many drink bottles?? Time to move stuff out. Also, I'm not just cleaning, I'm making cookies and hard boiling eggs as well.

Now to keep the motivation going...
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TolekaK's Sale Items

******New Items Coming Soon! Please ask about anything on here since my inventory has changed.******

I have a few things for sale or trade. (Hello Kitty, Manga, Rement, and Cell Phone Charms) Please click on the images to see larger images. Here's a link to my Feedback and here's a link to my Wanted List. Please feel free to make a reasonable offer on anything you see here.
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Manga in the Attic and Random

When we got our house the attic was nothing but insulation falling out of the rafters. It's almost finished now. We have shelving all along the walls with over 600 volumes of manga. I think I need to start thinning that down. I'll be keeping only my favorites. The computers will be up there as well as the gaming systems and living area.

Today we're going shopping. Our tax return came and we need computer monitors, wireless router, TV's, and Shawn's getting an e-reader from Best Buy. Velocity Micro-Cruz Digital Reader. I guess it's hard to find one; they are sold out everywhere. He bought it online and it's waiting for him to pick it up.

I went on craigs list and found someone wanting to trade manga for misc items. We may try to meet up today and work out a deal. I want to complete my Battle Royale set.

I plan to get my sale post updated soon. I have tons of stuff I need to get off my hands.

My little girl is 2 now and Thomas is 11. Time's slipping away. Today Thomas was teaching her how to do a summersault. Everytime he would flip her over they would clap and cheer.
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I had the most beautiful garden at the beginning of the year. When you don't have much time mixed in with really hot days it doesn't last long. Yesterday I pulled a ton of grass out of there, got stung twice by a wasp, cut my pinky, and woke up with swollen slivers. The garden looks so much better. After the bugs ate all my plants it
looks like I'll still have some tomatos, cucumbers, and edemami.

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A Saturday at home

It seems like I'm never home on a weekend any more. Right now I'm feeding Adeline(who is 8 months old now). Before that I was cleaning and getting rid of clutter. After I get the cleaning done I'll be working on Adeline's baby Lum costume. Thomas is playing on Gaia and Shawn is in the attic drywalling. I can't wait till the attic is done. The computers will go up there and we'll have tv/gaming section. There will me shelves for all 600 manga and videos. Once we free up all that space I can expand my sewing area and Thomas will move into the computer room. Adeline's room will be Thomas' old room.

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