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Playing dokapon

Tonight we're all playing Dokapon together. Earlier we brought her to her Grandpa Leonards for the 1st time.

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Ipod touch

I added the iPod app for livejournal today. I won an iPod touch at Thomas' school raffle!!!

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Kanzashi Hair Clips

I've decided to start selling some Kanzashi hair clips. I was thinking about seeing if anyone was interested first so I'm posting this to a few different sites to see what people like. The flowers in the pics are all for sale but I can do commissions if requested. I was thinking of selling these single flowered clips for $2.50 ea starting out. See below for pictures of the kinds of clips I have so far that I can attach them to.

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Anime Detour Here We Come!!

Anime Detour in Bloominton, MN is this weekend and it seems like it's at the wrong time. :P We were hit hard with bills this month so it looks like I won't have much to spend. Goodbye manga and gashipan. -_-
The last 2 years I've been to Detour I've spent over $300 O_O! All that was for figures, manga, art auction, and artist Alley. That won't happen this year.
This year I plan to bring my Pullips. A weekend spent carrying my dolls around!! I'll feel like such a kid again! :P
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Shawn and I are working on a pattern that will look similar to the red dress in the picture. It's going ok but not fast enough to be done in time for the convention. I'll post pics when I have some.

I'm having a sale on my phone charms. Buy two get one free! Please click here for what I have.

My Weekend

Thomas is doing better so I think he'll be going to school tomorrow. I was pretty nervous last week since he wasn't eating or drinking much. He's doing more of that now and seems to have gotten some energy back.
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WTB or Trade List

What I have listed here is what I would like to trade with or may be interested in buying. I like traditional and/or unique Japanese items, manga, figures, plushies(maybe), hand made stuff, cute stuff, about anything sanrio, pinky street, 80's, lolita, fruits, japanese magazines (newtype, GL Bible etc.) Pullip stock items and wigs, or possible partial trade with a nude or fully stock doll. This is just to get me started. Please see below for a list.

And to keep this post visually stimulating here's a picture of Sailor Moon

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Mar. 12th, 2008

Please post any feedback you have for me here. Below is also a list of feedback I have already received.

Here's my Ebay feedback.

I also have some feedback here pullip_feedback.

And to make this not boring here's a picture of a playdough pikachu...


Tonsils and Adenoids

Thomas had his tonsils and adenoids out on Monday. He's doing ok but hasn't been eating. The doctor said that's ok as long as he's drinking lots of water. The poor guy has no energy. Here's some pics of him at the hospital...

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Raphia, Cornice, and Verita's

Over the weekend I took some pictures of my new Raphia doll.

This is of my sisters Cornice and Raphia
This weekend I made Raphia's rabbit ear hoodie.

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Introducing My New Raphia Doll. I bought her recently from mousehood. She was nude when I got her but I've been gradually buying bits and pieces for this occasion. I'll get better pictures hopefully this weekend.

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